Design Consultation

Monolith Aquaponics can assist other ventures through the network of our affiliated companies with the planning and design of bespoke projects. A quick “heads up” on some stages throughout a project life cycle are:

  1. Stage 1: Feasibility and Planning
  2. Stage 2: Construction
  3. Stage 3: Operation

Feasibility and Planning Stage consist of a number of activities, or sub phases, they are:

  1. Rough Order of magnitude study (40 – 50% project cost accuracy)
    1. Mass Flow Balance Study
    2. Water Balance Study
    3. Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s)
    4. Conceptual Block & Site Plan and 3D visuals
    5. Initial Financial Model
  2. Preliminary Feasibility (Sometimes referred to as Conceptual Phase)
  3. Detailed Feasibility (widely referred to as the BFS – Bankable Feasibility Study) (90% project cost accuracy)
    1. Environmental Impact Assessment
    2. Bill of Materials
    3. Civil, Mechanical, Structural Design
    4. Civil, Mechanical, Structural Detailing
    5. Formal Financial Model
    6. Operational Plan
  4. Execution Design
    1. Detailed shop drawings for construction

The planning and resources needed to write a business plan to approve capital expenditure for these type of projects should be done extremely thoroughly. This cannot be achieved by a single person, but it requires an extensive professional team (engineering & financial) to do this properly.

It is best to follow a phased approach to compile a business plan and feasibility study of this nature; in order to limit cost and long term risk exposure to the Client.

Build & Operate

Monolith Aquaponics Ltd has an agreement with Monolith 4D Pty Ltd for the design and construction of all of its planned plants in the Africa region. This ensures consistency with design, supply chain, build and overall quality assurance. We follow primarily two models namely; Build–operate–transfer (BOT) or build–own–operate–transfer (BOOT), depending on specific Client/Partner requirements.

We established a methodology that secures the involvement of academic institutions and through this partnership and other technology partners, we are able to add additional value to projects with active management and mentoring. We are also in the process of structuring a guaranteed offtake of produce through our strategic network, adding further value to our projects.

Training & Internship

At this stage our positions for Interns are closed. Our aquaponics Internship is an offer for those looking to gain unique fieldwork experience in community-based aquaponics and socio-economic development programmes. This position allows people with a keen interest in this field, but with limited experience, to gain their first steps in this exciting but demanding discipline. We offer 2, 3, and 6 month internship positions.

Training courses and access to our facilities will be announced in due course.

  • 15 River Club Estate Coleraine Drive River Club Sandton 2196 : +27 11 783 8864